Richard Branson One of the sharpest brains to form 400 Companies

Entrepreneurship can be everyone’s game to win; the only thing you have to keep in mind is “Never Give Up.” No matter what you win, or you fall, you have to keep exploring the thrill of making business. Considering this mantra all through his business days, Richard Branson conquered one of a wide range of industry the Virgin Group. Currently, he projects his bank balance worth USD 5 billion.

One Brain 400 Ventures

Richard Branson is a proud British business magnate and investor. He is the individual brain of Virgin Group and owns more than 400 companies. It is not about what you know and what industry you are qualified in. It is only about how well you are to understand about other industries and mark something special out of it. He has stretched his business skills in eight different industries by the name of Virgin Mobiles, Virgin Galactic; the Virgin Spaceflight Company.

Having a minimal interest in academics, Richard decided to quit school at the age of 16 years to start his venture of Magazine called Student. It was a mail-order record business. Finding the revenue scope, he began selling advertisements to local businesses. Hereafter, he started selling mail records to the students who bought the Magazine. In no time, he established his venture within one year. He opened his recording label and studio by the name of Virgin Records and dropped his presence in the entertainment industry.


Richard was tagged as a millionaire by the age of 23. Nowadays, his Virgin Record is popularly known as Virgin Megastore. As entrepreneurs head is never settled and it always looks forward to pushing to start another venture, Branson stepped in the aerospace industry. In his late twenties, he waved a flag of Virgin Airlines in the market.

The Thrilling Story Behind Crafting Virgin Airlines

It says you have to observe the world and find what can be done best to present the better version. The idea of starting Virgin Airlines was something similar to this. Branson was traveling to the Virgin Islands to meet his girlfriend. At the airport, his flight was canceled due to some technical issues. It was the last flight of the day flying to Virgin Island. He realized that he is out of revenue to hire a chartered private airplane to take him to Virgin Island. He got one blackboard and penned “Virgin Airlines USD 29. He sold tickets to the passengers who wish to go to Virgin Island. He used that money to pay for the chartered private airplane, and they reached to Virgin Island under the service of Virgin Airlines. Moreover, that’s how Virgin Airlines got a kickstart.

At the starting point, an individual, of course, lacks the experience, revenue, and resources. Better you move ahead with a sack of dreams and start. It hardly matters what resources you need to give a start. What you have right now is enough to make a good start.

Richard Branson over entrepreneurship, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over.”

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