Andy Cheung: Powering Better Business Solution

Intellectual stimulation is one of the leadership qualities that outline transformational leadership. Followers have to be inspired to specific their creativeness. Effective leaders provide new challenges with ample support to attain their goals. To foster creativity is to offer challenges to cluster members, ensuring that the goals are at intervals the grasp of their talents. This leads to induce individuals to stretch their limits but not become discouraged by barriers to success. One such personality Andy Cheung, COO of OKEx has a similar mindset to dare and overcome the challenges to get better in her profession.

Before stepping in at OKEx, Andy contributed to working in Alibaba and ran his own internet-related business. That’s how he effectively gained extensive management experiences and leadership skills. The e-commerce industry is very similar to the crypto in a way that they evolved really fast, and it always requires making fast and accurate decisions. Andy always intrigued by revolutionary technologies, so after that, he organized an e-commerce website in Hong-Kong with excellent touch and later sold it to Groupon in the US and stayed for another few years.

When the trend of blockchain and crypto is gaining momentum, he luckily met the OKEx team. That’s how he registered a start with OKEx. Giving a major contribution to OKEx shaped his becoming a well-formed personality today. Currently, he leads the operations team and manages sales of the global market.

Benefiting Customer Providing Services

At OKEx, there is a team of strong believers in a blockchain-empowered economy. They efficiently build a comprehensive and safe decentralized financial system and ecosystem that allows anyone in the world to access it.

The most direct impact on their customers is that they have a wide range of scope of trading as compared to other platforms. Many customers dropped positives feedbacks that trading at OKEx allows them to execute more flexible trading strategies. Other than C2C & spot market, the company also offers a strong selection of crypto derivatives, and, they will be launching options trading soon, this should be great news for their savvy traders.

Also, OKEx developed its blockchain – OKChain to promote blockchain development and the growth of the industry. The company launched its own token OKB with lots of use cases, covering utility and entertainment to foster a new economy built on blockchain technology and promotes financial inclusion.



Flexible Management at OKEx

Talking to Andy, he dropped his belief that direct communication is the key to everything. Here they encourage everyone to speak up if any customer comes to visit their workplace; they see how ideas flow freely. As Andy’s approach towards exploring the business is always welcoming, he takes a follow up with different departments to learn about their work updates as well as difficulties. This helps her offer advice and strong support. During this process, they can observe and learn how to solve problems. And gradually, a decision-making environment is formed that empowers them to make good decisions.

Building Transparency at Workplace

At OKEx, they create an inclusive environment where employees connect with each other and feel comfortable being themselves. Through lots of different team gatherings and team play, it fosters cross-team communications. And thus, cultivate a diverse and open-minded culture that allows people to speak up freely. Such openness helps them engage in global markets.

Leadership takes you to succession

He thinks that leadership skills are essential in career development. As a good leadership can not only help maintain a great internal team by setting the right tone, but also help attract more clients and even investors when your words and actions inspire them.



Strategizing Gameplan

As OKEx has established more operations in more countries and regions, it gathers lots of thoughts and feedback from around the world in different ways, and they have built up an active community that also generates lots of ideas to improve their products and services and create a better platform.

Roadmap to Success

This always comes first in his future plan – to bring OKEx further, that means to expand their businesses in more countries and regions, continue to perfect their blockchain-OKChain, their coin-OKB and exchange-OKDex and their OKEx ecosystem, and of course, their products and services.

Currently, OKEx has just added more dynamics to its product suite, including USDT marginated futures, and they are also enhancing the ecosystem by adding more OKB platform-empowered use cases. The team hopes to grow stronger and foster the development of the whole blockchain industry.



A Word of Inspiration

Be daring to dream big and take challenges, absorb every lesson, and make things happen.