Janiv Ratson : Translating Visions into Reality

From a very young age, Janiv Ratson, CEO of Axonize, always desire to settle on the position of a lead role in the organizations. Being a leader excites him to help the team and provide them productive guidance, suggest new ideas, and learn the process of successfully implementing it trying different methods.

Janiv loved to read the books, which draws an imagination of being a great leader. Reading helped him a lot in developing his personality and picking up innovative strategies to implement and perform a routine life. Most of the methods picked by Janiv led him to what he would define as failed initiatives. But there was still a hope to get positive things in hand. A few eventually turned out to be successful, and those were the methods that have defined how he successfully leads the company in today’s time.

As having a good leadership sign, Janiv believes in making connections with people, and he always surrounds him with creative minds and is more experienced. He believes that teams that learn and grow together while sharing a common vision, goals, and mission become the most effective teams.

Over the years, he has created an environment for continuous self-learning and self-development. He always makes sure to surround him by mentors and soak up their wisdom. Janiv believes in mentorship and is a critical component to building and sustaining a successful business.

Crystal Element of Axonize

Axonize loves to call as game-changers. The company enables customers to digitize their business efficiently and by way of this process, gain new business insights never before accessible, to enable significant and immediate ROI for their businesses.

The new digital world brings constant changes that require agile responsivity for executives. The skilled staff of Axonize help customers responds quickly and efficiently to the required queries, both internal and external, to their companies, without investing large amounts of time and resources.

Customers reap significant value from their solution. They receive a wide range of business insights enabling them to manage their business units more efficiently and transparently. Customers benefit from quick results, both in profitability and customer satisfaction.

A word of Motivation to keep moving ahead of time

Execution is best achieved by a combination of people, technology & process. Janiv believes that as a Manager, you cannot put 100% of your focus on all of these at the same time. It is essential to know how to balance these three pillars in your organization and to orchestrate based on the current stage of the company, the status of the product, and the targeted market segments.

One area of focus that is a constant for Janiv is to ensure that the teams and the employees that make up these teams are constantly, openly communicating, and are completely aligned.

Cultivating a diverse workplace from the world

Axonize is dedicated to infusing diversity into hiring, outreach, creativity as well as in the development of their solutions. Initiating with the management team, which is made up of female & male, and of a plethora of ethnicities and diverse backgrounds, the management at Axonize believes that a diversity of cultures and people, helps to build better technology and solutions. Employees that represent various markets give better customer insight, creativity, and superior innovation.

Development of Leadership Role

It is likely said, the one who has guts and spark of being a leader, the person eventually starts following the track. Similarly, Janiv believes that his role is to drive growth and maturation of the knowledge, attitude, and skills acquired throughout the workers’ lives as a result of formal and informal actions of learning at work. She strives to empower and challenge employees to confidently develop their personal and interpersonal skills, as well as their knowledge. They are encouraged to work in teams to strengthen and support one another, driving them to succeed as a collaborative unit.

Creating a transparent workplace environment based upon trust and open feedback is a key to motivating individual and team growth — inspiring people to push the limits even if this fails.

Standing Unique in the market

Under the guidance of Janiv, Axonize strategizes unique game plans, first and foremost, based on evaluating their own strengths. The staff of expertise at Axonize spends a lot of time identifying what these strengths are concerning existing solutions, and learns what the competition is doing well, and not as well.

Based on these unique strengths, the staff then goes ahead and identifies their target market, confident in the fact that they have a competitive advantage within these segments. In terms of actually meeting the executions, they dive deep into pursuing this target market in a much focused manner by communicating their advantages over competitors through and an integrated marketing approach involving branding, positioning and other marketing and sales efforts.

Challenges faced during the course

Janiv believes that every leader should have the following characteristics in some form or another: The ability to be trusting and accepting of diverse ideas and beliefs; charisma, the ability to excite people about ideas and efforts in the organization, motivating them to follow your lead in pursuing them; visibly passionate about one’s ideas, vision and the journey to turn these ideas into successes.

Future Roadmap

Janiv built an orchestration platform for connecting devices throughout his career five different times. He managed teams who collectively contributed to building these platforms, and together they burned through many financial and human resources. Ironically, each time, after all the resources that were invested in the development, the underlying platform turned out to be the same thing.

It was to build an innovative platform across all devices, systems, and verticals that leverage the connected world, creating a more convenient, efficient, and sustainable life. That is exactly what they have done with Axonize. Their future objective is to continue to scale and grow this disruptive orchestration platform.

A word of Inspiration to Aspiring Leaders

“My approach to business is the same as my approach to life, and what I tell my kids — an idea that is not pushed to fruition is nothing but an idea. Have the courage and confidence to turn your ideas into reality, and don’t be afraid to fail - whatever you decide to do, do your best.”