Marc Rippen : Revolutionizing the face of healthcare through technology

Becoming a leader, at least a successful one, is a long and continuously evolving process that requires you to learn not only about yourself but about those around you. Marc Rippen, CEO of Alertgy Inc., believes that in order to foster a prosperous environment for those following your lead, it is crucial to understand the tools they need to be effective in completing the tasks you have laid out before them. The first step in becoming a leader is having a strong communication network with everyone involved. Here at Alertgy Inc., team communication is one of the main reasons the company has been able to reach so many goals set out before competitors.

Furthermore, it is crucial as a leader to instill trust throughout the team, so they know everything they do has a purpose, and that purpose is beneficial not only to the leader but every person down the line. Once these fundamentals have been established, an essential role of a leader is to get the best out of the team day in and day out. At Alertgy, this is done by rewarding hard work and facilitating a positive work atmosphere that encourages our team to be excited about coming to work each day.

Stating Unique from Competitors

Alertgy is currently a pre-revenue start-up company on the path to deliver their product to consumers by 2021. During this time, they are dedicated to enhancing their technology to have a substantial positive impact on the lives of people with diabetes throughout the world.

Their product will help more than 400 million diabetics who need a better way to monitor their blood sugar through non-invasive techniques, getting rid of the painful and arduous measurement techniques that are currently in the market. The Alertgy real-time non-invasive blood glucose monitor will improve the lives of people with diabetes who have been waiting for this technology for decades. Likewise, their device will help pre-diabetics, and those with family histories of diabetes accurately measure their blood glucose around the clock, informing them of how their diet, exercise, and other daily activities affect their health, therefore limiting their risk to acquiring diabetes later in life.

Highlightments of Alertgy

Three cornerstones of the Alertgy management philosophy are setting a company goal, motivating the team to reach that goal, and doing whatever is necessary to allow each team member to perform at their best. Having a tangible goal at the foundation of the company is the first key to a successful business. This goal needs to be clear, attainable and shared by each person in the company. After this goal has been set, the Alertgy philosophy is to motivate the team each day to reach that goal and solve whatever problems and hardships that come their way.

Being a successful manager means continuously searching for ways to improve the performance of their team and getting the best out of them each day, week, and month. At Alertgy, this is done through listening to and communicating with each team member to figure out what can be improved, so they are all functioning at the highest level possible.

Architecting Diverse Workplace

Diversity is an essential dynamic at Alertgy in many aspects. Having diverse and wide-ranging opinions attacking a problem is the best way to solve that problem, rather than having a single focused approach. At Alertgy, this aspect of listening to everyone’s input is encouraged and has been a driving factor behind the success they have had so far. They also welcome people of different backgrounds and experiences to come work for Alertgy, which they believe is crucial to the success of the company overall.

Each person’s life and history are still in different skills and abilities, which leads them to a more productive work environment, creating team members who can approach challenges from a multitude of angels.

Inspiring Aspiring Leaders

The goal of a good leader is to facilitate the growth of those who work under them. Many times, those working under the leader are younger and not as experienced, which means the leadership they look up to will have a profound impact on their careers moving forward.

Positive leadership should bring out the best in everyone around them, and help others grow not only as a people but as professionals as well. Many of the skills needed for a successful career are gained through the day to day experience working with and at the direction of the company’s leader. For this reason, the role of the leadership here at Alertgy is to positively affect the problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills throughout the team members, which will, in turn, accelerate their careers no matter what route each person takes in their professional journey.

Strategizing Gameplan to Ahead of Competition

The diabetes market is a substantial sector of the overall healthcare field, expected to reach almost $31 billion by 2021. With this significant size comes a plethora of competition that is ever-evolving, with each company looking to develop the next revolutionary product.

Alertgy’s game plan to challenge this competitive marketplace is to have the preeminent monitoring device, doing things that other companies simply cannot. The Alertgy device aims to be more reliable, more accurate, and more comfortable than anything on the market today. The company has improved reliability stems from the ability of the Alertgy NICGM (Non-Invasive ContinuousBlood Glucose Monitor) to measure both arterial and interstitial blood glucose levels. In contrast, almost all others on the market can only do one or the other. This aspect also improves their overall accuracy, giving the patient real-time information as the glucose is moved within different vascular systems in the body.

Additionally, the CNIBGM will remove the need for dreaded and painful pricks as well as the implantable monitors requiring large needles and an uncomfortable removal process, replacing them with an easy to use and a comfortable non-invasive wristwatch.

Challenges faced during creating Alertgy
To be successful, great leaders must be passionate, have confidence in what they’re doing, inspire those around them, and be a great communicator. First and foremost, there is no substitute for passion, and it cannot be faked or replicated.

An effective leader must have a passion for what they are working on, believing there is a positive result coming from what they are doing. The Alertgy leadership is extremely passionate about helping people with diabetes, given that it hits home for many here, which drives them to solve these problems. Being confident and inspiring those around you are keys to motivating the entire team to obtain the goals set forward for the company.

However, none of these traits are fruitful if the leadership does not possess good communication. Being able to communicate successfully leads to everyone being on the same page and in turn, helps tackle problems as one united front and not a fractured group.

The future vision of Alertgy

The overall goal of Alertgy is to provide people with diabetes around the world a better way to monitor their blood sugar by 2021. Accomplishing this goal relies on many short-term objectives they have set out in front of us. To begin with, they are focused on completing their pilot study with Cleveland Clinic that we are running currently. Subsequently to this trial, they will be working towards completing the miniaturization of their technology to the wristwatch size. After completion of miniaturization, the complete focus of Alertgy will be on getting through FDA approval and delivering their product to improve the lives of millions around the world.