Weekend touches $ 1.5 million worthy at Miami

Aren’t you finding an appropriate place to spend your money enormously? Are you tired of seeing your bank account’s number at some 100-200 billion dollars? Then here is good news for you. America’s second playground Miami, is offering you to spend $ 1.5 million in just one weekend. Yes!! No kidding, mates! Super Bowl at Miami has opened up the gates to spend 1.5 million in just one weekend. The facilities include from private jet to personal butler.


The city’s biggest hotels, restaurants, clubs, and yachts are opening up the possibilities for big spenders. At $ 720000, you can make a trip after the game on the Caribbean. Sam Soni, from on Location Experience, said that last year’s package has gone for the tickets to 17500 dollars. This year it is estimated at around $20000 to $35000. According to him, even last year they have noticed unprecedented sales and demands for the ticket. This year, Miami is offering more to enjoy at one stake. You can meet up with the legends like Marcus Allen and Dan Marino.


David Grutman, the owner of LIV restaurant and nightclub, said that the booking cost of tables during the league had touched $20000, whereas its normal price is $5000. The whole city is going to be covered by parties and bigger parties. MAXIM magazine party tables will cost $20000. If you want to touch the sky with your close ones, it will also fly high at around $65000.


Funhouses are planning to set their range around $70000 to $100000. Hotel South Beach is coming with a package of $1.5 million, which will include airfare, game tickets, a private butler, lodging at ten oceanfront homes, a private dinner and a personal guru. The lowest fare will be $200000. NetJet and Northrop and Johnson have teamed up to give you an extravagant experience of a private jet and luxurious yacht together at $72000.


Moreover, this is just a tinge of the great excitement of the game and passionate spending of the place. If the fun at the place is an ocean, I have just mentioned that one pool maybe. The real fun lies ahead. So grab your suit, pack your costliest watch and set off for it!!

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