Disney+ is all set to reshape the future of kids’ entertainment

As we are rolling forward in our time cycle, digital platforms are becoming a necessary beverage for media diet. Especially today’s kids are very much into digital space and seek new methods of entertainment. Disney+ is all set with the new set up for a new mode of communication as well. It has been noted that even before it got launched in the digital platform in November 2019, in the US itself, it crossed 1.9 million subscribers. This is quite larger than the initiation of Netflix or even YouTube. People are too much concerned about the content of the cartoon as well.

Maybe that is another reason behind this start, according to Kathi Chandler-Pyatt, executive director and media entertainment analyst at The NPD Group. Disney+ bags an advantage here by following the rule of containing the same content. The contents which the parents have grown up watching will be ever welcoming from the side of the parents always, as they know the content, and it somehow predicts the effects of it on child upbringing.

The streaming line is competing well with the TV channels. Though TV penetration among kids are much higher than video streaming, yet the duration of watching TV has been reduced to 1 hour 48 minutes in 2019 from 2 hours 23 minutes in 2017. There is no doubt that this time will gradually decrease and we can expect that after 30-40 years there will not be any so-called channel on TV. It shall be wholly supplemented by live streaming in the digital platform

The digital platform offers you to choose your content according to your wish. The parents will prefer something easy to handle and useful for babysitting. So, there is no doubt that Disney+ is on its way to revolutionize the whole platform in the upcoming days, and we must wait to see how vast it will be.

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