These are the 10 promising gateways for startups in the US: Check it out!

These are the 10 promising gateways for startups in the US: Check it out!

When you hear the word America, what comes to your mind first? Well, in my case, it turns out
to be so many images. But two of them are most vibrant—one, the huge skyscrapers and second,
huge tech giants of the world. Technology comes to new opportunities; with new opportunities
come new startups. We have come up with a list of 10 magnificent and diverse cities, which is or
are becoming the epicenters for the fresh startup, and here it goes:

1. Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley is the hub of most of the big technology giants of the
world. But that does not mean that it has stopped welcoming fresher. No, it is still a
center for setting up for your new business.

2. New York: From the early settlers of America to the modern-day franchise, the big apple
has sheltered almost every community from around the world. We all know so many big
publishing houses’ names which are centered in New York; like. Bloomsbury, Holiday
House, Sterling, and many more. Besides that, many tech giants like Apple, Microsoft,
Samsung, etc. Have enriched the city’s economy over time.

3. Austin: Texas capital has grown as the fastest growing city for startups; a recent report
by CNBC has confirmed that. The main plus point for this city is the low cost of
sustaining in the town.

4. Boulder: Due to its eccentric and diverse cultural background, Boulder offers an
excellent and stable platform for new startups. Especially, it has topped among 20 best
metros in terms of GDP. It has ranked first in the ‘best city for women startups’ list.

5. Tampa: This seaside pearl has given it a breakthrough in the world of business. Low cost
of living, ease of tax and energetic and dedicated workforce are the key factors behind its

6. Los Angeles: US’s engineer graduates jumble up in LA and experience a new chapter of
life. LA is the third-largest startup hub after Silicon Valley and New York.

7. San Francisco: Startups from around the world have nicknamed this city as the
‘Hollywood of Technology.’ The huge number of startup institutions and skill schools are
here which educate its people though there are some issues regarding the high cost of
living and all, which somewhat pulls back companies to come and grow there as it should
have been.

8. Provo: Recently, the state of Utah is on the top list of the most successful state for
startups. As a small town, Provo is no way far from getting you a pleasant and reasonable
atmosphere to work.

9. Denver: The beautiful city offers you a great deal of business along with its scenic
beauty. It has ranked 5th for a US city with the most startup activity. It is also the second
most educated city after Colorado.

10. Chicago: According to Pitchbook, Chicago is the “biggest and worst” to startup cities.
But Chicago is a place where you need to invest. Forty-five percent of the investment in
Chicago has turned up to be ten times higher in produce.
So decide, suit up yourself, take the risk! Who knows, we may be producing an article on you

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