Scribe Technology Solutions: Pioneer in Productivity, Profitability & Patient Care

Scribe Technology Solutions is simplifying the medical records industry with its cloud-based platform, which offers flexibility, control, and productivity to healthcare providers.

Scribe’s mission of simplifying healthcare through innovative technologies evolved from Naples, Florida entrepreneur and CEO Mark D. Boyce’s past success in the management of organizations large and small. Boyce founded Scribe with the understanding that healthcare’s growing amount of collected data needed a solution for effective handling, along with the ability to use all this data in a positive way.

A Leader Behind Scribe
Mark D. Boyce is the CEO and President of Scribe Technology Solutions. It was Mark’s former success in the management of organizations that led to the inception of Scribe, with a mission was to simplify healthcare through innovative technologies. Mark has always been at the forefront of strategic thinking.

Mark has more than two decades of management experience in finance, operations, marketing, and technology with companies such as IBM, where he helped in starting the IBM PC division, and later at Anixter, where he helped formulate the strategy that fuelled their growth from a $500 million company to $1.5 billion company.

He holds a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science from Colgate University and an M.B.A. from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dean College in Franklin, MA. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, golf, cooking, traveling with his kids, and writing about his entrepreneurial adventures.

Scribe Technology Solutions consistently conducts business with core beliefs:
They are the change agents in healthcare back-office management because our solutions free physicians to focus on what matters most – patient care. They have extensive experience but approach the healthcare industry like a start-up – able to turn on a dime and not afraid to take risks so we can create things that really work and make a difference. They offer a platform specializing in the capture, creation, communication and analysis of healthcare information by and between all participants in the clinical care process.

They will transform the industry as a solutions company: increasing physician productivity, simplifying workflows, making information more accessible, actionable and valuable, resulting in improved quality of patient care, productivity, and profitability.
Scribe leadership recognizes that all healthcare providers have similar challenges and needs:
Documentation requirements can be overwhelming, and providers face burn-out from spending too much time doing paperwork on top of the heavy load of seeing patients.
Productivity and profitability can suffer when a practice’s most highly paid and trained people are doing data entry.

“The first conversation we have with providers is the most important,” says Boyce. “This conversation leads us to understanding what is most challenging to THAT provider – what keeps them up with worry, what documentation tools do they currently use, how is provider and staff satisfaction, how much time they spend doing clinical documentation compared to seeing patients. And we also take the time to learn what their goals are for the key areas, including their productivity and profitability.”

The foundation of Scribe’s business is the ability to mold the latest technology and services to fit and simplify clinical documentation.  These technology-enabled services employ leading edge concepts including artificial intelligence and robotics, next generation speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure best of class, lowest cost and highly scalable infrastructure and service delivery methods. Boyce says “Scribe’s technology lets providers speak what happens in a patient encounter and then our technology will do the heavy lifting, do the analysis, do the transfer of the information, do the actual creation of the info, do the parsing of the info, so it’s more meaningful, valuable and then transfer that info where it needs to go.”

ScribeMobile is the company’s marquee solution. The mobile app (for both Android and iOS platforms) gives providers the ability to complete documentation from anywhere and at any time. Today, almost every provider carries a mobile device with them non-stop, and now they can use it in a way that makes them more productive without learning anything new. The ScribeMobile platform is extremely flexible and can accommodate a more seasoned provider who might be more comfortable using digital voice recorders or a younger provider who might be more comfortable with using the technologies like “Alexa” and “Siri” to gather patient information. And with the recent addition of LiveScribe to ScribeMobile, providers now have even more freedom from their computer keyboards as they connect to virtual scribes who complete the patient encounter in real time without the intrusion (and expense) of physically being in the exam room.

The results of using Scribe’s tools are immediately clear to the providers. They can have more quality time to focus and maximize their face-to-face time with their patients and don’t have to spend as much time at the computers doing mundane tasks. This allows them to practice medicine at the top of their professional license(s) which hopefully results in better outcomes for their patients.These solutions return flexibility, control, productivity to healthcare organizations through simple, intuitive, innovative medical documentation workflow tools.

Scribe’s marketing message is kept simple: seeing is believing. Showing providers how the solutions can work for them is the most impactful way to see the positive impactthey can experience. Scribe’s workflow engineers work with a practice to understand their workflow and goals to prepare a free week-long pilot.Providers can see firsthand how Scribe’s solutions are beneficial to their practice. Scribe’s marketing efforts focus on the opportunity to connect face-to-face with providers.

As Scribe has grown and evolved, Boyce spends much time working with potential partners and investors, exploring new opportunities where Scribe could expand with its unique tools, solutions, and employee skills could be utilized in new areas or types of businesses. He also stays involved in occasional technical problem solving, including programming for “fun” and remains the strategic product manager driving the product and technical vision for the company.