10 Productive Things Which Can Make Your Quarantine Phrase Exciting One

The whole world is at its stake now. Literally the human race has detained itself completely for unlimited time to fight against a dangerous virus called corona. Some of the biggest economies are going through a massive hardship. We know how frustrating it is to sit at the corner of your house and maintain social distancing! Our eyes are already bored seeing at the same new again and again. Our ears want relief from the alert messages, coming from every direction. We give you a list of 10 interesting and productive works, which may bring smile on your face.

  1. Reading: Do start the list of the books which you have thought of when you were busy. Come on! Bring that up. Nature has given you a huge time gap to fulfil your wish.


  1. Painting: Wanted to be a painter when you were a kid? Want to go for your passion? Then why delaying? Go! Take colours and brushes. Paint out your mind’s beautiful imagination!


  1. Writing: May be you are good poet who never tried a single sentence. Who knows? Life makes us do hard choices. Revive your dreams again. Write something may be for your first love, may be for your friends. Create a good piece of literature.


  1. Singing: We all have been bathroom or kitchen singers at one point of our lives. Come on now open it up! Make a YouTube video and share it. Who knows you may be the next Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran!


  1. Creating Artefacts: Lots of old pieces in home? And you thought of getting rid of those by throwing it out. Why? Utilize your time and create an artefact out of that like modern installation art.



  1. Watching a film: There are very few people in this world who do not like movies. If you are not among them then what is preventing you to start? Open up the list which you have always wanted to watch.


  1. Cooking: Are you a foodie? Now try your hand in cooking as well. Surprise your family with delicious cooking. If it is not delicious then your pet will get something really bizarre!


  1. Gardening: Got extra space around your home? Or DO you love gardening on the terrace? Do start! Plants are the best friends. Nurture them. Peace will come.


  1. Meditating: Mind is disturbed this time. We don’t know how and when it is gonna end. Relax. Take a deep breath. Meditate. Calm your mind. You shall feel relieved.



  • Dancing: It’s time to move your body. Do not hesitate to let your hands and legs play! Play your favourite music and just sway in.


We hope any of these ideas will stick in your mind and you are going to be fine with that. We are awaiting your comments below. Do share if you figured out something else. Lastly, STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE.

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