CORONAVIRUS: Don’t panic! Here’s all you need to know

Currently, we are going through a situation that will be there in our memory as long as we take a breath on this planet. Pandemic disease COVID-19 has put human beings on a standstill for the last few months. More than 750000 people around the world have been affected by the coronavirus. More than 180 countries are in standstill mode, and the global death toll has crossed 69,459. Indeed the situation is not at all comforting or improving.


Let us take a quick look at the nature of the virus and what harm it can do to us. Corona is a microscopic virus that attacks the human body and responsible for the disease called COVID-19. The virus was first found in the Wuhan Province of China in November 2019. That time people did not give that much of enormous importance to this as it was a regional problem.


Researchers say that the consumption of bat, snake, and other non-domestic animal’s meat has led to this disaster. Symptoms related to COVID are prevalent, so it is hard at first to get to know whether one person in COVID positive or not. Throat soaring, running nose, fever, breathing problems (in extremely critical cases), is the most common of them. Most of the people, who are affected by COVID, will recover automatically due to their natural immune system. But, children and old aged persons are standing on the threshold of risk. Although worldwide doctors are saying not to worry, use masks, clean hands with sanitizers and soaps regularly, stay at home, to stop and break the chain.


In this crucial time, the human race must not lose hope. Our planet has suffered earlier also. It has survived as well. Don’t be afraid. Don’t panic. Don’t go for the fake news sources. Stay at home. Stay safe. We will overcome this.

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