Wisconsin seems to move its face from Trump as worst pandemic responses

Though Wisconsin, as a state is not in that grave a situation as others, but the overall response to the pandemic by the Trump government has affected the mindset of the state as well. 

Joe Biden’s campaign has questioned the failures of Trump in his term in most of the aspects of a progressive nation. There has been a sharp rise of some very unwanted issues like racism, inequality, health, unemployment, etc. a group of voters from Wisconsin has pointed out the loopholes of the present government. On the other hand, Biden has emphasized the issue of investment as well. The subsequent lagging in the poll number’s in Trump’s campaign is an indicator of the losing power of the strong Republican counterpart of Biden.  

Former Governor of the state Scott Walker has stated, “It’s tough for him any time, and every time he’s not talking about issues related to the economy or safety or public health…” He has further added while mentioning the ongoing pandemic crises, “This is going to be a referendum on the president, and it’s going to be a referendum based on the three things that people are worried about right now: their health, the health of the economy and how safe things are in the state…” It gets clear from the picture that as time is flowing away the issue of face value is slowly being shifted by the issues which come to the direct public interest, even in the stronghold of the Republican.

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